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Fancy 3D eBook Cover (Workflow in progress - final)

I know that I was lazy these days with the creation of background music for my video tutorial. But now, after I got all important work off my desk, I could finish the 3D eBook cover video for Gimp that I have shown you here and here and as a raw cut here.

You can now watch it on for a small fee of $2.97.

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Beware of google scam mails

I just received this e-mail on one of my gmail accounts. It's obviously a scam so DO NOT send your password back as a reply. I sent it right into the spam folder, so hopefully not many people will see it, but just in case ...

google scam

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Fancy 3D eBook Cover (Workflow in progress 4)

Over Easter I did not do much productive work.

Today I added my voice over from the original script to the tutorial. What I now need as a final touch is a background music loop.

Here is another version of the raw cut with voice over:

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WizIQ now has a Web 2.0 community

I'm a member of the Web 2.0 Community on WiZiQ. Join me on this community to get updates & access Free Resources.

WizIQ has a new section in their communities called "Web 2.0". It is for posting classes, tutorials and discussions about Web 2.0. I am co-moderating this community, so you can contact me directly if you have any questions.

The community is not yet listed in the communities overview, so you need to use the link directly:

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Create your first free PHP website

Don't miss this WizIQ life class tomorrow:

Create Your First Free Website with PHP Support

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The WizIQ Wealth Machine Introduction

Don't miss this live class on WizIQ tomorrow. My friend George will give this class and I can really recommend his teaching style. If you are not a member of WizIQ yet, just give it a try. It's free.

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Fancy 3D eBook Cover (Workflow in progress 3)

Today I spent a few hours on the raw cut. You can find the first raw version on youTube. Next step will be the voice over and I also need to adjust some timing in the video.

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Creating a fancy 3D eBook cover with Gimp

I often asked myself how to create a fancy 3D Book cover like this one:

Book cover

I now found out how to do this and I am now working on a video tutorial to explain how you can create fancy 3D book covers like this with Gimp.

Stay tuned.

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New free Gimp course starts April 5

I’m offering a new free Gimp course that will start on April 5th and runs 4 weeks. Check my entry at for details.

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Class request forum on my Moodle site

I have added a new forum "class requests" to the Welcome Lounge here on my Moodle site.

If you want to suggest a class or course that you would like to see here on the site, please add a new thread with your suggestion. You can also discuss existing suggestions with the other students or request admission to one of my free classes.

Have fun


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