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Podcasts about Podcasting

Today I talk about podcasts that help other podcasters with their production.

MP3-File here.


This week I want to talk about some podcasts that help other podcasters to get their podcast up and running. There are a lot of podcasts around that help people to create and promote their own podcast. I have some of them here and have already some more to come.

So let's start with the KidCast: Learning and Teaching with Podcasting. It's about using podcasting in a class environment. You will find it about one or two times a week and the episode is about 30 minutes long on average.


The next one is podCast 411. This is always an interview with another podcaster about their experience with podcasting. This one is really useful if you want to learn from famous podcasters. You can find some insider tips here and find out about all the trouble and problems that podcasters may have had when they started their production. It's usually once per week and about 30 minutes long.


Podcasting for Dummies is no longer produces on a regular basis, but you can listen to the old episodes. It's meant as a companion podcast for the book with the same title. The episode length is in a range from 10 to 30 minutes and they are covering all the important topics like ID3-Tags, Promoting your podcast or Listener Feedback.


The Podcast Academy is a production from GigaVox Media, the inventors of the Levelator. If you use interviews in your podcast, you should download their free levelator software from the gigavox site. It's a useful program for Windows and Macintosh to level out different voice levels in an audio file. Very useful.
Besides from that, The Podcast Academy podcast is a collection of guided tours and interviews about Podcasting. The last one from March 1st. is very interesting. Steve Holden gives a tour on post production with audacity, the free audio software.


Ok, there is much more about podcasting and I will continue to subscribe and listen to them. Maybe I will be able to tell you more in one of my next episodes.

For now, have a good and productive week. Good bye.

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