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How many lifes do you have?

Ok, I have to admit: I just got an account for SecondLife a few days ago. As web-developer and web-tutor, I have to know about this technology (it's always good to have an excuse for playing on the computer).

Wife of Second Life

The Question is: what can you do in SecondLife? Is it just another computer game? No, it is not. It's a virtual world. For Star-Trek fans it's a technology that comes very close to the "Holo-Deck" of Starship Enterprise (the Next Generation, not Kirk's Enterprise).


SecondLife seems to be a new chance to help the economy to raise money. There are two reasons:

1. You have to have a fast computer with an up-to-date video card to play it and have fun. Older hardware will not run the client software or the motion is too slow to enjoy it.

2. You can make virtuel money in SecondLife that you can exchange to real, hard Dollars in your real life. It's a complete virtual economy where you can be an entrepreneur.

Even if you don't want to spend your real Money to get some Linden-Dollar (that's the virtual currency) you can just play for free. Get a free basic account. If you enter your financial details (credit card information or PayPal) you will get 250 Linden Dollars as startup money for free.

If you spent all that money (you don't need to, because you will find a lot of free stuff, called "freebies" in this virtual world), then you can earn some money just by sitting on the right places. You can also pick Linden Dollar bills from some trees (they're called "Moneytrees").

If you like to get more information, check out this article from businessweek-online from May 2006 about the virtual world.

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